Simmer Down Now

Starting October 9 (on Canadian Thanksgiving!) the World Soup will be Québécois Split Pea & Ham.

Has anyone read Louise Penny mystery novels?  I’m obsessed.  Her stories make me want to move to the make believe village in Quebec where they take place and eat huge hunks of brie, but not in that order (better to move north emboldened by brie).

Anyway, I read all her novels one rainy week in March in the Pacific NW, visiting my mom and dad. Besides becoming totally engrossed in the whodunit (I barely showered), you also find yourself falling in love with the characters and-quite surprisingly given they are murder mysteries-feeling incredibly snacky.  I lent the books to my mom and knew she was hooked when I found a mangled wedge of brie lying in a pool of bread crumbs on her kitchen counter.  The food! Someone is always breaking off a piece of warm baguette and smearing it with grass fed butter, biting into a warm crumbly brownie, tearing into a roast beef and Havarti sandwich, or simmering some amazing soup-all while chasing down terrifying criminals.  Soup, especially, is like a secondary character in the novels, which often play out in the brisk fall or chilly sub-zero winter of Canada.

Although it has many homes, split pea is a particularly Québécois classic, simmered slowly with a bone-in ham hock.   In honor of the amazing cheeses of Quebec, we are going to serve it with a little brie on toast, for funsies.

And we decided to bring in Louise’s whole lineup to Modern for the holiday season.  We don’t normally feature fiction, but it just feels right for the season! Available at Modern General Santa Fe in-store or online »